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Innovation never stands still

We came up with this innovative marketing master work to help you create your story. We aim at delivering easy navigation for a seamless Interactive Annual Report that goes beyond defying the convention of the printed one.
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A Storytelling Master piece

Are you looking forward to innovate and shift to the Interactive Annual Report?

The Interactive Annual Report, also known as the digital annual report, is a printed annual report that has made the leap to an interactive online experience. It is a great way for you to present your annual report in a persuasive, interesting and engaging way, as adding interactive elements will give a new dimension to investors’ communications

Why should you consider an interactive version of your annual report?

More than a legal requirement, it’s the time to seize the opportunity to be transparent about your financial stability, to make an enterprising statement about your brand and to interactively engage with your audience. See below benefits:

Stakeholder Perspective

  • Accessible to target audience
  • Portable as it can be consumed anywhere and anytime
  • Search ability of specific content
  • Can include rich media content
  • Create engagement

Organisation Perspective

  • Longer shelf life
  • Can include call to action
  • Customisable
  • Time and cost-effective
  • Reach a wider audience

How does the Interactive Annual Report look like?

We aim for innovation and creativity

Developing an annual report can be tedious. We have the right solution to ensure that your deadline is met. The smallest packages: Interactive PDF and flipping pages may take up to a week with some existing content to convert. However, choosing a more premium package might take up to one month to complete.

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See the different options available

Interactive PDF

The Interactive PDF is a conversion of your print ready document to a digitally portable document with links and navigation elements.

Flip Book

The Flipping book is a conversion of your print ready document links and navigation elements with an effect of page flipping. It may contain interactive elements or animations, which makes it a rich media document.


The Microsite is a smaller website version, made on responsive page only for sections and several links to download the detailed page of the annual report.

Fully Interactive

This consists of an integrated interactive annual report. It includes desktop interaction, mobile adaptability, optimisation for web, navigability search ability and interactive tables and charts

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