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Online selling, more important now than ever

In every business, there are buyers and sellers. We have realised that diversity and innovation are important for the future of making business in this digital age. This is how we came up with the idea of helping you succeed online by creating e-commerce websites to encourage buying and selling of your products and services.

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Understanding E-Commerce

The Future is Online Shopping

E-Commerce is an online platform, based over an electronic medium such as the Internet, that simply provides the buying and selling of services, goods and products. This involves the electronic transfer of data and funds between B2B and B2C, C2B and C2C. In its broadest and simplest sense, it is also called online shopping.

If you need a website that sells your products well, you need more than a simple E-commerce website. You need a solution that is secure and easy to operate. You also need an E-commerce website that you can scale and train your staff to use. You also need a website that is responsive and mobile friendly. You need to offer various payments and shipping solutions, all coupled with great analytics that turn data into incredible insights. We create E-commerce solutions that simplify and maximise online payments. We have a dedicated E-commerce team who understand the art and science behind online payments and running a successful E-commerce websites business. With some of the best development talent in the business, we possess the technical excellence to deliver outstanding ideas and stunning designs.

Why should you opt for an
e-commerce website?

As a business owner, you may currently have a store that oversees all your business operations and the distribution of your products to customers. However, if you want to increase your sales growth, reduce your operating costs and increase profit, the creation of your online presence through an e-commerce platform means that you will reach to potential customers and gain significant authority in the marketplace. See below benefits:

Empowering customers

Reaching a global market

Enhancing user experience

Increasing efficiency

Influencing Purchases

Flexibility and Customisability

Why choose us?

Helping you doing business online

Our experienced team will help you design, customise and develop your e-commerce website while respecting your goals. Our bespoke E-commerce stores are custom made using the PrestaShop, VirtueMart & Joomla platforms which enables us to have complete control over the development process, maintenance and design of online stores. These flexibilities make Joomla and VirtueMart the perfect framework to use when building E-commerce platforms as we can quickly add innovative features you may need. We create E-commerce platforms differently with simple and fluid payment methods. Nova IX connects seamless payment gateways with your billing systems and inventory to ease your lifestyle and automate your business.

We are by your side

It can be complex to setup
an e-commerce since there are many expectations towards online shopping. We are by your side to demystify the customer experience.

More than a website, a strategy

Planning a website, does not create lead by its own. We help you understand and position your brand and think about your operations.

Tailored for your needs

Your business may be small or big, providing physical or digital products. Therefore, every
e-commerce experience can be setup differently.

A support team

Nova Interaction team is here to setup
your e-commerce and help you in the maintenance of your online store when you don’t have time.

Digital Marketing

When you need to boost your sales online, you will need SEO strategy and digital advertising or even emailing campaign among others. You can rely on us.

Scale up at any time

Start small and scale up or go big from start. It all depends on your budget and your growth strategy.

Shop online

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We have everything planned to make your job easier with the development of a common platform, a one-stop-shop, acting as an online store where everyone can watch and buy a wide selection of products that falls under different categories. This integrated marketplace, having the delivery services has been created to facilitate the sales of companies’ products and services.

Customisable e-commerce platform

We listen to you and take high consideration of your goals and needs to design, develop and customise your e-commerce website. You can customise as much as you want your e- commerce platform to attract your audience.

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We work together to create value for your brand.