Medine Education Village

The Medine Education Village website (also known as MEV) was conceived based on international standard education websites. The information architecture as part of the conception stage was done after studying the patterns of most reputed international websites to ensure that it was positioned above local universities and business school websites. Their brand online was really important in the sense that MEV was not yet launched and they had to give a professional looks based on a few available information.... It proved to be a phenomenal success.

A website is the first digital impression where all elements need to be well-thought, to ensure that the audience spend time browsing it and eventually go to the call to action.

Customised icons

Customised elements included icons and infographics to resume whole paragraph text with a few fresh colours.

An Open Educative Experience

Medine education village as part of an innovative concept of education hub offered to its students more than just a studying platform. It offered a student lifestyle.We had to showcase this lifestyle which was still a concept and we set the means to bring in the perspective of fun without going too far in the party aspect.