Embrillio is a startup company that wants to breed new pioneer businesses in Mauritius and around. It is an experimental laboratory whereby entrepreneurs bring their ideas, their challenges as well as their frustration for not being able to expand.

We supported embrillio in their positioning stage so as to be able to market their services.

Embrillio captures values across boundaries and between the silos of any organisation.


Idea 1


One of the two main elements is the laboratory. We wanted to put emphasis on the fact that Embrillio wished to be seen as a laboratory for creating startups and therefore make use of scientific flasks.

Idea 2


Like an engine that has been built to perform, Embrillio helps startup businesses at the incubators stage, setting up and giving their projects a new life and making it profitable, like a button that has to be pressed to activate it.

Logo Proposals

Logo Development

We went through various series of ideas whereby we developed the conception, power and science laboratory. The client highly appreciated our suggestion and we made them evolve.