Elie & Sons

From the classical funeral directors companies, Elie & Sons have evolved to create a number of services to diversify its activities and integrate the whole chain in the industry, both horizontally and vertically.

From the very start we pitched on thw mood to create a peaceful scenery representing grace and peace.

DL Flyers

From there we went further creating the flyers that would feature all their new products. We carefully selected images that might not hurt the sensibility of cultures and used strong content with an emotional tone to connect emotionally to the audience.

Trifold brochure design

The trifold brochure of a flower entrepreneur was designed to launch Jacqueline Florale, a new business of Elie & Sons in the flower industry.

Trifold brochure design(A4 size)

The coffins brochure and personalised casket designs job was a challenging one since we had to be creative and ensure all aspects of the design and the production in a very short lapse of time.