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A quick-win project that revealed to be a success for making things different. An application that allowed orphans to celebrate Christmas like any other child and see their wish come true.

We developed a members area without login that is connected to a massive application that allowed the selected user to receive a unique key so as to be automatically recognised by the web application. The application presents the child and his wish one by one in a video and allows the user to engage himself personally to realise the dream of one of the children he chooses.

Technology at the service of social actions for the welfare of our community thanks to the initiative of Afrasia.

Draggable Interface

Our objective for our User Interface was inspired from a simplified navigation with clear options and readable information in split seconds; the users would most of the time navigate on this application in the dark or one-handedly.

The Wish Tree Initiative

Smart Campaign

A process was set up where by the user was automatically identified without password or authentication, allowing him to make his choice and instantly receive a confirmation email to track his intention to contribute.

Typographic Design

Classy and elegant, along with the brand of Afrasia, we defined a typography that was in the christmas spirit and consistent to the brand. The curls bring in some smooth but sophisticated feel and a touch of magic.

Emailing Design and Development

Consistent with the campaign design, the emailing was designed with few information and clear call to action. This incited the user to click and find out more information about the Wish Tree Initiative. The emails contained a unique value for one button where each user would have been only able to see the webpage with only if he logs in with the link. This made the system more secure.

Trendy Login Page

A simple back-office allows the administrator to view the user as well as all those who clicked on the link to participate to the initiative. All of this was secured to a Restricted Members Area.