Comet Mailing


Comet Mailing Back

Comet mailing branding was thought to remain closely linked to Nova Interaction as its first product set to have a bright future. Inspired from shooting stars and comets, the term ‘comet mailing’ is a mix of speed and technology from the outer-space. The brand only positioned among a few large local groups is an efficient system that can be customised for further needs.

As simple as it looks, the logo is set to be bold and speak for itself and live on its own, as a compact identity. Comet Mailing reflects a strong personality and a sense of effectiveness.

Comet Mailing is a mailing system that allows businesses to email their clients for all kinds of mass mailing communications.

Logo Construction

From 45 degree-lines and a mix of sharp and rounded edges, the logo provides a well-balanced identity of its own.


Based on a set of shades of blue as a digital tool, three main shades were needed to give a strong and bold look to the brand.



C:81 M:3 Y:5 K:0

R:0 G:178 B:226




C:96 M:72 Y:52

K:57 R:1 G:47 B:57




C:37 M:8 Y:1 K:0

R:153 G:202 B:234


Grayscale colors


C:52 M:43 Y:41

K:7 R:128 G:129 B:132



C:26 M:20 Y:20

K:0 R:188 G:189 B:191



C:9 M:6 Y:7 K:0

R:229 G:230 B:230


Logo Application

Standalone Icon

The logo above represents Comet Mailing and this symbol alone, extracted from the logo, can be set to replace the meaning of the logo as a stand-alone identity.