ICSIA has been a challenging project since it came before the Medine Education Village project. The brief on this project was to position those reputed french institutions as a level above the rest. However we had to keep the website consistent so that the customer feels that he is on same campus.

The website was designed to be light, fresh and of high standards.

We created a linear interface design with pure shapes and lines and a balance of infographics, icons and text.

Friendly User Interface

The interface has been thought from a student perspective in mind. The structure of information and feel was set as to keep it informative with relatively few text. A clear call to action and relative information to drive interest to either the course or the institution.

Responsive Design

We spend precious time to ensure that the mobile version works perfectly and is pixel perfect for all mobile devices. When we create brand online, we design every single screen and think at the different sizes to ensure that they well though and developed as per approved designs.

Specific Banners designed for each Institutions

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

A satisfy customer is the best business strategy of all.

- Michael Leboeuf

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

- Leonardo Da Vinci

Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.

- James A. Michener